Confirmed: Arguments canceled through end of April

The Court confirmed today that it would not hold arguments this month. After cancelation of the March arguments, the next set of arguments had been scheduled for April 20-22 and 27-29.

The Court is continuing to do business.  Briefs are being filed in pending cases and the Justices are meeting by telephone and issuing decisions in cases that were argued earlier in the term.  (And Justice Ginsburg is still using the gym!)

Today’s press release raised the prospect of coming up with something other than in-person arguments for final consideration of postponed and remaining cases if it is not possible to reschedule and resume meetings soon:  “The Court will consider a range of scheduling options and other alternatives if arguments cannot be held in the Courtroom before the end of the Term.”  That would be truly unprecedented — conference calling did not exist the last time the Court suspended arguments, due to the Spanish Flu in 1918.